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JAPANESE LESSONS taught by Fumiko

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Fumiko’s  Japanese private lessons are mostly individual, but can also be taught to a maximum of 2 people if you apply together with a friend of yours, provided you have the same level of Japanese.

Lessons are tailored to your goals and to your level, spanning from grammar to conversation.
If you need to learn Japanese for tourism, work, or a university exam or thesis, even for a brief period,  you are very welcome. We will tailor a course to suit your individual needs, purpose and learning style.

The Teacher

The teacher, Fumiko, holding a Japanese University degree in English language and Literature, has been teaching Japanese to foreigners since 1998, and is fluent in Italian and English.

At the beginning, you might feel disoriented to realize that many structures common to Western languages and which seemed universal to you do not apply to the Japanese language, but Fumiko will explain such differences to you, comparing the grammatical and cultural differences when needed.  She will teach you what you need to learn, at a pace to suit you, enabling you to communicate effectively, in a kind and grammatically correct way.


Maybe you have come across those “Learn Japanese Super-Fast and Effortlessly” methods, making you parrot pre-packaged sentences: they may be great at giving you the IMPRESSION you can speak Japanese, as long as you are dealing with exactly the situations described in your illustrated text-book: but they are ill-suited to tackle the new, unpredictable situations that you will be faced with in your daily life in Japan, OUT of the classroom.

At AZ Language Services instead, you will gradually but systematically acquire the grammatical framework and the grammatical tools that will enable you to independently create sentences of your own, to really express what you mean.

Fumiko tries to keep a good balance between the students’ need to experiment through conversation on one hand, and the need for a systematic study of the Japanese grammar on the other:

so, from the very beginning of your course, you will apply your new grammatical tools to meaningful conversation, learning how to interact with Japanese people around you, making friends with them, sharing your views with them, and solving the practical problems of your everyday life in Japan.

You will actively exercise the four fundamental functions of language: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

As you go along, each time the flow of your expression or comprehension is hindered by grammatical or vocabulary problems, your teacher will remove those stumbling blocks, providing you with the key grammatical structures and the vocabulary you need to express yourself, or understand.


Our lesson plans are always structured in “4-week terms”.

Your first “four week term” can start on any Monday of the year, except, of course, during holidays.
There are two ways of getting a reduced price for your lessons, and you can use one or both of them:

  1. by booking (and paying in advance for) a higher number of lessons within each 4-week term;
  2. by booking (and paying in advance for) lessons to be taken during “TWO OR THREE