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If you are in Italy, you can also enrol directly to our private language lessons, by coming to our office and paying your lessons in advance (please telephone beforehand to make an appointment).

If you are outside Italy (but even if you are in Italy), you can pay the deposit and enrol to our private language lessons by following the instructions below:

  1. Get the Enrolment Form in PDF format, then print it out.
  2. Fill in the ENROLMENT FORM, and make up your own draft schedule by blackening the hours during which you wish to take your lessons in the timetable included in the form (we regret that depending on availability, your preferences cannot always be met).
  3. Get the LESSONS RULES in PDF format, print out and thoroughly read the two pages containing the RULES governing our lessons (should anything remain unclear to you, please feel free to ask us for clarification by e-mail, telephone or fax): then, sign the first page in the margin and the second page at the bottom for acceptance.
  4. Send us the two signed pages containing the RULES, together with the ENROLMENT FORM (including your draft schedule) by fax; or scan them and send them to us as an e-mail attachment; upon reception of these documents, we will tell you, by e-mail or fax, any modifications of your draft schedule that might be needed depending on the hours available.We will then wait for your approval; upon receiving your approval, we will send you an e-mail, a fax, or a letter, finally confirming your schedule.
  5. To complete your enrolment we must also receive a deposit from you, not later than 30 days before the day of your first lesson. The deposit is as follows:deposit for individual lessons      128 Euros
    deposit for group lessons            84 Euros per personIn the case of a group, one member of the group shall pay the deposit on behalf of the whole group.



Should you need to cancel the lessons you applied and paid the deposit for, if you notify us by letter or fax not later than 30 days before the day of your first lesson, we will refund the deposit, less the necessary money transfer fees and a Euro 26.00 cancellation fee to cover our secretarial, postage, telephone and fax expenses, etc. To be entitled to the refund, you must notify us of your cancellation by a letter or fax signed by you: we will consider the day on which we receive it as the day of your cancellation.

If you notify us later than 30 days before the first day of the lessons we shall not issue any refund.

In the case of a group, all of the above applies, and we shall pay the refund for the whole group, less the necessary money transfer fees and a Euro 26.00 cancellation fee, to the member of the group who paid the deposit to AZ Language Services on behalf of the whole group; and that member will be responsible for paying the other members their share of the refund.

By enrolling, you accept these RULES (please click here)