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Jessica and Alberto

Jessica and Alberto


Ms Jessica Zhang, a Chinese-American entrepreneur in New York,  graduated with Master’s degree from University of Cambridge, UK,  attended lessons at AZ Language Services from 5th October  2012 to 25st June 2013, all while also attending the Polimoda International Institute of Fashion Design and Marketing in Florence, from which she graduated on 14th June 2013. She also took some Japanese lessons from Fumiko, Alberto’s wife:

“I attended Alberto’s class while pursuing graduate school in Florence.

It was imperative that I get a quick and functional grasp on the Italian language to aid me in understanding my courses and to also be able to feel comfortable in Florence, as I was there for 9 full months.

Alberto was truly a godsend in his comprehensive approach to teaching the language, but also in his ability to relate bits of Italian culture, art and history, making the process interesting and fun.

His broad knowledge of French, Latin and other languages, including Japanese, aided me in learning as he could stand in my shoes to fully comprehend the barriers that I had to overcome as a beginner.

He was always very energetic and enthusiastic and was able to help me understand the subtle intricacies and nuances of pronunciation.

His encouragement pushed me to excel and want to learn more.

Alberto was also invaluable in providing directions and places of interest within the city and I felt that he had a genuine interest in making me understand the Italian people, as well as their language.

What impressed me the most was his passion for the Italian language and his students, he would relentlessly guide you to the path of perfection and there’s no electronic device  that can replace human interaction!

This was a 5 star course and I would highly recommend Alberto to anyone with an interest in learning new language.”

Jessica Zhang, New York, U.S.A.

Alberto Con Wildey

Alberto con Wildey

Mr Neil Wildey, financial Journalist from London, England, attended lessons at AZ Language Services from the 7th April 2008 to the 7th June 2008:

“Attending AZ Language Services and having my own individual language programme tailored to meet my own personal requirements was such an uplifting and refreshing learning experience.

Even more so, given that during my 6 month stay in Firenze, I initially endured the routinised and impersonal teaching methods of one of the more commercial language schools located in the centre of the city.

Your cheerful disposition, thorough teaching methods, as well as your willingness to help me understand not just the language but also the Italian way of life, made attending your school such a pleasurable and memorable experience.

Your understanding and awareness of the difficulties that are encountered whilst learning a new language, enabled me to thoroughly achieve my own personal objectives.

Thank you, Alberto!”

Neil Wildey, London, England.

Alberto Con Shiho

Alberto con Shiho

Mr Shiho Suda, employee at a telephone company, from Tokyo, Japan, attended lessons at AZ Language Services from the 12th February 2001 to the 28th September 2001:

(translated from Japanese)

“I came to Italy in February this year, thinking that things would go well even though I could not speak Italian, since I had already been in Italy 4 or 5 times.

I began attending a school of Italian, but in the beginning, I had perplexities and difficulties because the lessons were only in Italian, which is matter of course, as this is Italy.

I didn’t dare to ask questions to my teachers in Italian, and even when I dared, I had difficulties to understand the teachers’ reply in Italian.

One day, after two weeks like this, I saw a leaflet of AZ Language Services at an ice cream parlour. This was the beginning of the story between me and AZ Language Services.

Attending lessons at AZ Language Services, I was helped a lot not only with the Italian lessons but also with things out of lessons.

During lessons, I asked many questions on the points that I hadn’t understood well at the previous school, and the teacher (Alberto) taught me very precisely, so that I managed to understand well.

Concerning the pronunciation, which is an important thing, I practised precisely and repeatedly: in other schools they don’t care about pronunciation so much.

Apart from lessons, the teacher (Alberto) came with me to subscribe to a cell-phone company, and helped me find a family for my Japanese friend to stay with.”

Shiho Suda, Tokyo, Japan