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Our lesson plans are always structured in “4-week terms”.

You can book the number of lessons you wish, to be taken:

A) WITHIN ONE 4-WEEK TERM (i.e. 4 consecutive weeks)
B) WITHIN TWO CONSECUTIVE 4-WEEK TERMS (i.e. 8 consecutive weeks)
C) WITHIN THREE CONSECUTIVE 4-WEEK TERMS (i.e. 12 consecutive weeks)

Your first “four week term” can start on any Monday of the year, except, of course, during our holidays (i.e. Italian national and local holidays, and our vacations during August and during the Christmas and Easter periods).

There are two ways of getting a reduced price for your lessons, and you can use one or both of them:

  1. by booking (and paying in advance for) a higher number of “hours(*)” of lesson within each 4-week term;
  2. by booking (and paying in advance for) lessons to be taken during “TWO OR THREE CONSECUTIVE FOUR-WEEK TERMS“.

Click here to get a printable PDF with Tuition Fees for Private Italian and Japanese Lessons (PDF)


(*) Please note that every “hour” of lesson lasts 55 minutes, to allow for a refreshing 5-minute break, or to say goodbye.