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AZ Language Services is in Florence, Italy, in Via Faentina 9/A/R (in the area popularly called “zona Ponte Rosso”, and almost on the corner between V. Bolognese and V. Faentina.

How to reach us

From the Duomo, Florence’s famous landmark, you can easily walk to AZ Language Services: just follow the route on the map below (click on map to enlarge):

Map How To Reach Us

How long it takes to WALK to the AZ Language Services classroom, at an average pace:

  • from the DUOMO: 21 minutes.
  • from PONTE VECCHIO: 30 minutes.
  • from Piazza San Marco: 13 minutes.
  • from Piazza della Signoria: 25 minutes.
  • from PALAZZO PITTI: 35 minutes.

How to come BY BUS and how long it takes:

  • Bus No. 13,
    from Santa Maria Novella Train Station: once you are almost at the end of Via Venti Settembre,
    get off at the “Ponte Rosso” bus stop. = 7 minutes.
  • Minibus No. C1,
    from Piazza San Marco:
    get off at the Parterre Parking = 5 minutes,
    then walk to the Ponte Rosso bridge, cross it and turn right, into Via Faentina: our classroom is on your left hand side, at number 9/A/R = 4 more minutes.