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1) You send us the text or document to translate, preferably by e-mail, asking us for a free price and time estimate (quote).

Please explain the intended use of the translation (e.g. for personal/internal use only or for publication; documentation, advertising, legal purposes; other purposes; the likely reader and context of use).

We prefer to receive your text or document in MSWord 97-2003 (.doc) or MS Word 2007 (.docx) format.

Sending us a .pdf document or a text printed on paper to
translate is also ok, but in such cases we will have to add to our
estimate an extra fee based upon the estimated time required to
copy the text and images onto a MS Word document, and then
reformat it, imitating the layout of the original.

Please specify in what format and through which
method you would like us to deliver the translation to
you, as this may affect the price:


  • .doc (MSWord 97- 2003), or .docx (MSWord 2007)
  • printed on paper (printing expenses will be borne by the client
  • others, upon agreement


  • by e-mail attachment (our favourite method)
  • by fax (fax expenses will be borne by the client)
  • by post (postal expenses will be borne by the client)
  • others, upon agreement


Before requesting a translation into Japanese,
please make sure that your computer and your software can
receive and display Japanese characters correctly.

2) We send you our price and time estimate

Our written estimates (or quotations) are valid for 30 days
from the date of issue.


3) You send us your OK (i.e. the filled-in and signed ORDER FORM)

Click here to download the ORDER FORM for private individuals (PDF)
Click here to download the ORDER FORM for firms & companies (PDF)
and fax it to: +39 055 47 51 52 (from Italy: 055 47 51 52);
or scan it and send it as an e-mail attachment to:

and, where applicable, you make a non-refundable down payment of 30% of the total price of the translation indicated in our estimate.

Only for translations of over 7000 words (or 3500 characters,
in the case of translations from Japanese) do we require you to
make a non refundable down payment of 30% of the total price
of the translation including all applicable taxes and dues as shown
in the estimate you will have received from us.
TO MAKE THE DOWN PAYMENT please follow the same
directions that you find at “HOW TO PAY FOR A TRANSLATION”.

4) We translate, then send you the translation as well as an invoice with the TOTAL amount that you must pay.

We’ll deliver the translation to you by the deadline stated in our
estimate and accepted by you by your order form.
If not otherwise agreed in writing, the translation will be delivered
to you by e-mail as an e-mail attachment in MS Word format.

5) You send us the total amount you must pay, or —if you have already made a down payment— the balance due.

Please pay as soon as you receive the translation.
In any case, pursuant to EEC Directive 2000/35/CE and Italian Legislative Decree 231/02, should you fail to pay by 30 days from your receiving the translation or the invoice (whichever you receive first), default interest on the unpaid amount, at the rates provided for by Legislative Decree 231/02, will apply.