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Language Assistance during your business or leisure trips

We are a reliable, friendly, Japanese-Italian couple. Our names are Alberto Zaccagnini and Fumiko Zaccagnini, and we own and run AZ Language Services,

The husband, Alberto, being Italian, holding an Italian university degree in Political Sciences (major in International Law), and speaking, apart from Italian, fluent English and French, and also some German, is in many cases the more suited to help you to understand (or, at least, bear!) the workings of the Italian bureaucracy, or help you to deal with Italian shop keepers, dealers, hotel managers and so on, as well as to help them to understand your needs.

The wife, Fumiko, is Japanese and speaks Japanese, Italian at a native-speaker’s level, and fluent English, and is more suited in cases where the accompanying and assistance involves more INTERPRETATION between Japanese and Italian or English, although she too is well acquainted with the Italian society, having lived in Florence since 1998.

Being based in Florence, if you apply at least one month in advance, we can accompany you or show you around Florence and Tuscany (max. 150 km from Florence by car), for your tourism, shopping or business.

Our task will not be that of explaining the history of churches, art masterpieces and monuments, but that of accompanying and assisting you tourists and business-persons who are not well acquainted with the language, with the way of thinking and the behaviour of Italians, with the purpose of helping you to reach the Italian locations you want to visit and of helping you to communicate with Italian shop keepers, hotel managers, business people, etc.

In addition to assisting you in very practical matters (such as helping you to buy your train tickets, to strike a good deal at an open-air market, to bargain with a real-estate agent or to open a bank account), we will explain to you the way of thinking and the different perceptions that Italians have, to let you see that in the end, they aren’t that different from yours, after all!

We hope to enable you, if only for a moment, to let you see things from an Italian point of view.


Please request a free estimate of the “Tourism & Business Assistance” services you need, at our e-mail address info@azlanguage.it , detailing the number of people requiring these services, the period of time during which you need the services, the purpose of your trip to Italy or to Florence, and what you would like your assistant to do for you.